Learn the Chinese Language

Learn the Chinese Language

Chinese language can be fun and interesting. It is most notable for its beautiful characters. When we look at characters either written on a page or on art hanging on a wall next to us it inspires us to want to understand what it means. Our curious nature stimulates us to want to discover the culture and deepen our appreciation for it.

Chinese language contains over 3000 frequently used characters. The characters are more than just surface print and represent a deep meaning. An addition or subtraction of a brushstroke changes the meaning of the written character. Writing is done vertically and is read the same way.

It is easy to become proficient in the Chinese language if you begin with the basics. However, if you have never heard it spoken before then you may need to listen to it a few times to “tune your ear”. Hearing the phonetics and tone involved may make learning easier.

Tones assigned to words vary in high to low levels. Variations in tones of how you pronounce a word changes the meaning of the spoken word. In addition it is a monosyllabic language.

You may be wondering why you should learn the Chinese language. For many people the education benefits their job. Because of the internet more international business is transacted. Therefore, being multi-lingual provides you the opportunity for career advancement since you will be able to interact with people from different countries.

Some people are interested in the Chinese language simply to expand their knowledge. You will no longer need subtitles on foreign films, an interpreter for a menu or someone to explain art in a museum.

Furthermore, if you include your children in your training, then you will produce a wonderful opportunity to spend family time together. Learning the Chinese language today or teaching our children to be bilingual for tomorrow may become one of the best decisions anyone could make.

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